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What this forum is all about

Post  Duu Photography on Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:53 am

Hi everyone and thanks for joining the C&C photo forum. This forum has been setup for anyone with a camera who would like to share their pics with the world and also comment on other people’s pics.

C&C stands for Comments & Criticisms good or bad so please do not be offended by anyone’s comments. We are all here to share our shots as well as learn new ideas/skills/techniques and also to have fun.
I noticed that a lot of sites are very professional orientated and not very amateur friendly (too much Jargon) so decided to set this up for people on a lower level.

Please note you don’t have to have a fancy camera to be part of this group anything will do as long as it takes a picture it doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad no just take a picture and if you feel it’s a good one then upload it people will hopefully comment on it and give feedback and C&C’s you never know you might learn something from them.

We also will accept people who don’t own photographic equipment who just want to browse and comment on peoples work so feel free to spread the word and invite your entire friends list.

I really do hope you enjoy your time here and hope it will grow into a nice little community We will try as well to create some little challenges for the members to actively go out and take specific shots and post up.

Please keep the photographs respectful no nudity or anything offensive etc it will be removed and you will be dismissed from the forum and reported this also covers offensive language and abuse please just show a little respect.
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