Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

Post  Duu Photography on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:57 am

Ok i will be first.

My name is David 29 years old i am married with 4 beautiful children. At the moment Photography is a part time hobby due to work commitments but any opportunity i get the camera comes out.
i don’t really have a favourite style yet as i have tried a lot of different stuff which you will see when i upload.
i have done quite a few portraits of individuals and also family’s, Street photography, Car shoots, Got invited to a Airsoft match to do a shoot, Landscape shots, Animals, Went to the Local Skate park as well and got some great shots and that’s just the start of it. cheers cheers cheers

As you can see i am trying all sorts of stuff different styles techniques etc.

i have always wanted to get into photography but never had the opportunity or the funds to get a good camera. My wife Olivia decided one day to make my dreams come true. From this day Duu photography became a reality and never looked back.
i built my website for clients to look at also for them to show their friends and to give Duu photography that professional look. i am still learning every day and always open to new ideas and C&C's.

When i first got into this i joined another forum which was great But i noticed it wasn’t really aimed at amateur photographers and also if you didn’t have a huge camera no one took you seriously enough with this in mind i decided to set this forum up as i believe that anyone who enjoys taking pics is a photographer you don’t actually have to own a huge £1000 camera.

Camera Sony a230 14-55mm lense

3 x 36W Day Light Bulb (Energy Saving)
3 x Light Holder
2 x 33" White Umbrella
2 x 33” Black-Silver Umbrella
2 x Backdrop Support Stands up to 260CM
3 x Section cross bar up to 300CM wide
3 x Big light stand extend to 260CM Air Cushioned
1 x Black Muslin Backdrop (1.8M X 2.8M)
1 x White Muslin Backdrop (1.8M X 2.8M)
1 x Green Muslin Backdrop (1.8M X 2.8M)
Duu Photography

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Re: Hi everyone

Post  nancy12345 on Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:36 am


My name is nicol and I am 30 years old.Photography is my hobby from childhood....and like to capture wedding photos and natural photos.......

Thank you Smile


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